Benefits Of Upgrading Your RV Mattress

Benefits Of Upgrading Your RV Mattress

Benefits Of Upgrading Your RV Mattress

An RV is a big investment, and so is the mattress you sleep on. Part of taking care of your RV is making sure that you have a comfortable place to sleep while you’re on the road or stationary. The mattress that came with our Grand Design Toy Hauler 395MS was very thin and uncomfortable. I started having sciatica pain after sleeping on it. We did a lot of research, visited some local mattress stores and asked for feedback from our friends, then we finally replaced ours.

For the garage top bunk, we used a regular queen mattress from our house (our 14 year old son sleeps on it). It doesn’t completely cover the space up there. I bought Fabric Cube Storage Bins from Target and they fit perfectly in there. That is where he keeps his socks, shorts etc.

Replacing an RV mattress is not as hard as it seams. First, you should measure your current mattress and see what your space is currently like. We measured ours and and figured out that a standard king would not fit in our bedroom RV space. We needed an RV King.

Upgrading your RV mattress is a great idea.

Here are some benefits of upgrading your RV mattress:

-You’ll get a much better night’s sleep. A comfortable mattress will help you sleep more soundly, so you’ll be well-rested for all your adventures.

-You’ll improve your back health. A good mattress will support your back and help reduce pain or discomfort. This is especially important if you plan on spending a lot of time driving your RV.

So if you’re looking for ways to improve your RV, upgrading your mattress is a great place to start. You will be glad you did!

Most mattresses that come with your RV suck and you’ll feel it after just one night in your camper. American Mattress company has 6″, 8″ and 12″ memory foam mattresses in RV sizes. These are rated medium-firm so you won’t feel like you’re falling into them!

Here are a few RV mattress recommendations:

We like American Mattress Company and have bought the RV king 8″ mattress when we had our previous RV and we also like Mattress Insider (we currently are sleeping on) and highly recommend.

American Mattress Company 8″ Graphite Infused Memory Foam-Sleeps Cooler-100% Made in The USA-Medium Firm (RV King – 72×80). $555 from Amazon.

American Mattress Company 10″ Graphite Infused Memory Foam-Sleeps Cooler-100% Made in The USA-Medium Firm (RV King – 72×80) $659 from Amazon. The only difference between this one and the one above is 10″ vs 8″.

Mattress Insider. This is the one we currently sleep on. We bought the RV King. LUXURY GEL FOAM RV MATTRESS W/ORGANIC COTTON Size: 72″ x 80″ w/10″ Radii At Foot, Mattress Height: 11.5″. It is priced around $ 1,000 but is worth it for us because we are full time. (Also, our 2 dogs sleep with us too).

Benefits include:

Made with cooling gel memory foam so you don’t sleep hot
Incredible comfort and support – this unique design helps maintain a natural spinal alignment, allowing your muscles to relax while you sleep
Choose your height – 8″ or 11.5″ (we went with 11.5″)
Non-Toxic – safe for you and your family
Customizable – any size or shape you need
Free shipping to all 48 contiguous states
365-Night Comfort Guarantee
20 Year Warranty

Use our referral link and get 5% off:

In conclusion, upgrading your RV mattress is a great way to get a better night’s sleep and improve your back health. Even if you’re on the road for a long time, you don’t have to give up a good night’s sleep – enjoy a nice sleeping experience night after night, wherever your adventures may take you.

There are many different types of mattresses available, so you can find one that you really like, please let us know and we will add to our list. Be sure to do some research before you make a purchase, and don’t forget to use our referral link for a discount!

Thank you for reading!

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